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Brand Content And Real Estate Promotions - Team Bains Properties

Among the objectives of real estate promotion is to attract the attention of their prospects with the creation of content and this is where brand content will play its role!

Why brand content? what will it be used for? What will be its plus for your digital marketing strategy and your communication strategy? These kinds of questions are often asked by digital real estate entrepreneurs. How to successfully capture the attention of prospects? how to stand out from other real estate promotions?

First of all, let's explain what brand content is?

A not so new marketing concept is becoming more complex at the same rate as the media, however with the digital boom brand content has grown considerably it has taken on a new dimension since the meteoric growth of social networks, it has become the center of interest of Internet users.
The latter is a form of content marketing, it is defined as content generated directly for brands as part of the implementation of a strategy, it is differentiated by the fact that it does not impose its mark on existing content, it helps to solidify and influence the customer / company relationship by providing the latter with a unique experience.
Brand content refers to editorial content, advice, video tutorials, articles / forums / reports, etc.
Brand content is based on the creation of an experience above all, it conveys value to the person who is exposed to the content, allows you to promote the brand of your agency or real estate development thanks to its history, the history of its creation. It allows communication around the intangible values ​​of the company’s identity, so it plays on emotion.
The motivations that emanate from the creation of content are extremely varied, once a general and adequate typology has been established, it is simpler to classify the content according to their categories of belonging to know what they are talking about and the direct benefit that brings: practical, informative, entertaining.

So we will identify the different types and categories of brand content:

The Brand Infinity:

Companies want to arouse positive emotions to attract attention this type of content, it is the most legitimate to provide emotions and have a beneficial and important impact, fun and entertaining content has an advertising objective, gags, funny stories or incongruous are advertising cogs to capture attention and create buzz and find a certain sympathy with its targets.

The Brand Utility:

is a type of content that allows brands to offer their content which aims to provide a service, the latter being made up of a wide diversity of formats and media.

The Brand Visibility:

this type concerns informative and discovery content, real estate promotions have a certain expertise, it is in this context that they have the legitimacy to develop brand visibility in several areas which are likely to interest Internet consumers, through this means they can put in place content intended to fuel public opinion on social issues.
Its impact is clear! Brand content allows companies in the real estate sector to better reveal themselves, to show their vision, their value and their identity, on the other hand it allows adherence and identification with consumers, so brand content lets you stand out differently.
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